Sunday, September 29, 2013

Casapueblo - the art of Carlos Paez Vilaro - simply WOW

I love art. I love how it makes me feel.  Yes, when I look at art, it really makes me "feel." Some makes me smile. Some brings about feelings of saddness. Some makes my stomach turn. That's ok. It is the artist's job to create images that speak. 

In Uruguay, we were lucky to visit Casapueblo. Casapueblo is the home, studio, museum and hotel built over 70 years by the Uruguan/Argentinian artist Carlos OPaez Vilaro.

Now, I have to admit that I didn't know this man's name.  I am sure there is lots of information on the internet given that he is now about 90, but I hadn't a clue.

It was such a lovely surprise to hear about his life, which is facinating and inspiring.  From studying with Picasso to going to Africa and showcasing local people through his art, before it was "cool"to go to Africa, to his self-constucted home on the side of the hill which has no square corners, this man had/has a vision and being in his space was moving.

And, even better, as we were pulling into the gallery, and our guide is telling us about his life, there he is standing outside by his car. We got a brief glimpse of this legendary artist. Now, that's what I call a celebrity sighting. Not to mention the wonderful body of his life's work.  Here are some photos.

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