Monday, June 24, 2013

A shot to travel

I have done quite a bit of traveling in my lifetime, but few places as far away as Argentina. With that in mind, last week, I visited the travel clinic. And wow!  Who knew there were so many things that one might contract? I opted for a few recommended vaccines, including yellow fever.

While Argentina isn't a country that has yellow fever, we are doing a side trip before IFAJ to Uruguay for three days. That country has yellow fever so one can be detained at the Argentine border when trying to return. And incubation for yellow fever is six days so they can make you wait it out.

One of my fellow travellers from Ont. said she opted not to get the needle and instead will carry a card that says she's Canadian. I, on the other hand, decided that now was as good a time as any to have the vaccine. I was already getting two needles. What's one more!

The chances of getting yellow fever are not high, but the vaccine is good for several years, so hopefully, this will be the first of many adventures to a bit more exotic locals in my future.

Now, in a couple weeks, I'm off to see the regular doctor as they recommend that you take along a prescription filled for antibiotics - just in case. We'll see if that's as easy to obtain as the needles were.

I highly recommend the travel clinic. It took awhile to get in, but I feel better informed and better protected. Fingers crossed....


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to my blog. This blog is how I will communicate about my upcoming trip to IFAJ in Argentina in Sept. 2013.  On Wednesday this week, I will be getting all the shots needed for travel. What fun! Hope you enjoy reading.
Talk soon,