Sunday, September 22, 2013

“aha” moments of perspective

One of the most memorable moments of the congress was when one of the speakers showed a slide of the world as if the Southpole was the top. In that view, the bottom of Argentina actually becomes the top of the world. The speaker was making a point about the potential in his nation. What it also did was put Canada and the U.S. much closer to the bottom. It was a good reminder that while we North Americans live a very nice life and like to think of ourselves as the top of the pile, the rest of the world may have a very different perspective.

  • Latin America has years and years of history compared to Canada and particularly the prairies. We should push schools to teach less about US and more about this part of the world. I recall having to memorize the 50 States – not sure why.
  • There are people who are poor and people who have limited options everywhere. In both Argentina and Uruguay, it is more prominent because the climate is warmer. This could be a person sleeping under a city tree in the park to whole neighbourhoods. And we have the same in Canada, it’s just that they are more easily compartmentalized.  Regina’s inner city is no on the Transcanada highway for all to see. This isn’t a good thing. In Canada, out of sight, out of mind.
  • People from Latin America, in general, are warm. Their greeting is a kiss on the cheek, even in the morning for work colleagues and at night when they leave the office. This was a common sight.  I like it. Human beings were meant to connect. I will be taking this into my own life and way of being and asking people if I can hug them. Our aloofness protects us we think but it also stops us from really connecting with others. That’s my theory.

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